infiLED Support UEFA Euro 2016

UEFA EURO 2016 - Paris Fan Zone

INFiLED are incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to support the UEFA Euro 2016, providing state-of-the-art large format displays to the Eiffel Tower Fan Zone located at the Champ de Mars.

Thanks to our screens, hundreds of thousands of supporters were able to get together to watch the competition and to take part in what can only be described as an unforgettable football experience.
The matches were broadcasted live for up to 90,000 supporters to watch – giving fans without match tickets the chance to witness a great atmosphere first-hand.

The fan zone located at the foot of the tower was open to everyone, free of charge in celebration of the UEFA Euro. The 450m² screen allowed each and every person a great view of the games, no matter where they stood or how far away they were.

We’re extremely pleased to have contributed towards the UEFA Euro and to have used our screens to allow as many people as possible enjoy the experience.