Bristol Airport


Combining innovative technology with a unique content strategy that really pushes technological boundaries, we provided Bristol Airport with an impressive 14m x 2.5m digital wall in order to significantly drive passenger engagement.

Working in partnership with digital content pioneer, Visualab Media, we were able to create a unique digital canvas for connecting with passengers and engancing the Bristol Airport brand.

The unmissable screen is thew largest front service sub 2.5mm screen to exist in the UK. With over 5 million pixels, it is also believed to have the largest number of pixels of any screen throughout the country to date.

The content has been designed to an incomparable standard and has been intentionally crafted to connect passengers with their current location in the South West, but also with their next destination.

Paying close attention to every minor details, we've successfully merged the physical world with the digital, creating an enticing focal point that has been cleverly integrated into its environment to really enhance the passenger experience.