We’re Proud to Introduce the Grand Media Solution, GM Series

Grand Media series

infiLED are pleased to announce the recent release of our Grand Media Series – designed for ultra-clear visibility in even the harshest light.

This revolutionary product focuses on fixed outdoor applications, providing ultimate brightness and contrast for brilliant visibility. The innovative design finds the best balance between weight, stability and energy efficiency.

Not only is the Grand Media Solution incredibly easy to install, it can also be maintained almost effortlessly, whilst also guaranteeing reliable operation at all times. At a weight of only 30kg per cabinet, the Grand Media is an energy efficient solution that has been designed to offer a long life span.


  • Modular power and signal system for fast exchanging and to ensure the stability of the system
  • Power redundancy available
  • Each module is integrated with a dissipating plate for releasing heat
  • Monitoring system ensures the remote control of the media and show content on the display
  • Rear and front maintenance available
  • Memory on board for storage of calibration data
  • More than 5000nits brightness to overcome harsh lighting conditions
  • IP65 front and rear
  • High precision aluminium frame
  • Light weight – only 30kg/cabinet
  • hidden cables for simple and elegant design

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