Why Great Content Matters

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At infiLED, we know that great content is the difference between winning and loosing an audience’s attention.

We also know that state-of-the-art technology is only a single piece of the puzzle, which is precisely why we’re proud to be a turn-key solution provider that has the expertise to assist with every individual phase of a digital project – including display content.

Creating content that makes a difference

For us, content is key. Even the very best technologies can be let down by poorly designed content and so we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure we have the right skills and expertise in-house to provide complete content support to all of our customers.

Before we even begin designing, we strategise. The thought-process behind the artwork we produce enables us to cater content to the audience, taking into consideration viewing distances, display times, playlist lengths and more. To us, eyes on screens is important, but leaving a lasting impression is the ultimate goal.